If She Wants To Wear A Princess Dress, Let Her

We never imagined ourselves to be known as a brand that creates beautiful "Princess Dresses" when we started out. But phew; the love for princess dresses and all the dress ups happens in your household too? We had an extensive discussion in the office when planning to design and launch our first princess dress - "The Love Heart Dress", we know that we love it & our daughters loves it, but is aware that some fairytales might not match with our ideal values today.

We did our research and were inspired by Dr Tania Trapolini, Clinical Psychologist and mum of two young girls who says this ‘princess phase’ comes from a number of subtle influencers in our daughters’ lives. “They’re exploring and playing with healthy ideals and being a princess is one of them. The important thing is to encourage exposure to all sorts of roles such as males who are nurses, women who are police officers and female superheroes. Gender play can be fluid,” she advises. 

So, we went onto designing and creating a sample, and waited for the girls's reaction when they tried them on. And wow they loved it! They loved the way it swooshed around them and never wanted to take it off!  And we love that they love it.

If our daughters wants to wear princess dresses; then we'll let them! We found ourselves adding more and more into the collection and most recently the pink Aurora Princess Dress and Rosie Royal Princess Dress

We learn from our little ones sometimes, and this lesson is all about believe in softness and a little bit of MAGIC~  



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