"I CAN" Cream Kids Essential Capsule

The "I CAN" capsule is a FEEL-GOOD collection for both inside and out. There is no need to mention the importance of dressing in comfortable clothing, the little ones feel more free to move, express and explore. In order to make this capsule pleasant for the mind and heart too, we added subtle quotes that as parents we don't say enough of.

It is so important to praise kids and inspire them in ways that build self-esteem and teach them to be proud of their efforts and accomplishments. Their accomplishments, no matter how small; makes them feel good about themselves, and they learn that its even OK to fail (Bob Cunningham, EdM).

In this ever changing world, we hope to inspire and remind the little ones that they can be themselves, they can do anything and they can still dream big even in times of change.



Cream Essentials - "I CAN"

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