Cream Kids is an online children’s apparel and lifestyle brand. We are a family owned and operated business with teams based in both Queensland, Australia and Hangzhou, China; renowned for making exquisite modern princess dresses and sophisticated party dresses for kids. We also design everyday essentials with refined and artistic detailing.

Our collection ranges from between 80cm – 155cm in height, and we ship our pieces to you and your little ones worldwide!

It all began in 2014, when the founders welcomed their first baby in their early 20s. Yes, you guessed it, “Cream” was her nick name because she had the softest ‘pinchable creamy’ cheeks. The founders were young when “Cream” came along and struggled to find beautiful & high-quality clothing that were affordable.

A year later, the pieces they made were at birthday parties, schools, museums, styled and loved by parents everywhere in Asia. Finally in 2020, we decided to venture international.

Our mission is making affordable, comfortable, unique, and cool fashion for kids. We dreamed of putting more kiddies in stylish outfits worldwide, and we believe that kids too should be dressed charmingly. Our pieces are crafted in house by our team in China; ensuring every piece is made perfect for the little ones.

As founders and as parents, we listen, we value quality and comfort. We will continue to work hard on what we believe in, and even harder for people who have believed & supported us from the very beginning.

Can’t wait to share more with you!

With love,

Cream Kids Team